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From master storyteller, Randy Willis, novels about adventure, family, faith and the character of a man that touched generations.

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Louisiana Wind |Randy Willis Author

“The best men I’ve known have been cowmen. There’s a code they live by—it’s their way of life. It starts with an abiding reverence for the Good Lord. They’re taught to honor and respect their parents and to share both blanket and bread.  Their words are their bond, a handshake their contract. They’re good stewards of His creation, the land.  They believe the words in His Book.

Learn from these men—from their stories of triumph over tragedy—victory over adversity, for the wisdom of others blows where it wishes—like a Louisiana Wind.”

—Daniel Hubbard Willis Jr., 1900

This is the story of such men....

Louisiana Wind| Randy Willis Author

randy willis louisiana wind

Three Winds Blowing | Randy Willis Author

The captivating story of Solomon Northup's pastor and James Bowie's neighbor Joseph Willis. And, the real-life connections between Solomon Northup, William Prince Ford, James Bowie, and Joseph Willis.

three winds blowing, randy willis, joseph willis, james bowie, solomon northup, william prince ford, edwin epps, 12 years a slave, twelve years a slave

Antebellum Louisiana 

The son of a white man and Cherokee slave, Joseph Willis, gains his freedom and swims the mighty Mississippi on a mule.

Driven by three winds...

* a wind of freedom driving him from North Carolina

* a mighty rushing wind compelling him across the Mississippi River into the Louisiana Territory

* a wind of war fueled by slavery

Rooted in a time of tradition and chivalry, Joseph discovers a land of innocence lost.

His life converges with Louisiana contemporaries, including Solomon Northup, James Bowie, William Prince Ford, Edwin Epps, John Murrell, John Audubon, Baroness Micaela Almonester de Pontalba, Jean Lafitte and voodoo queen Marie Laveau, as well as Texas Ranger Jack C. Hays.

Inspired by a true story

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