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Randy Willis is as much at home in the saddle as he is in front of the computer where he composes his western family sagas. Drawing on his family heritage of explorers, settlers, soldiers, cowboys, and pastors, Randy carries on the tradition of loving the outdoors and sharing it in the adventures he creates for readers of his novels.
“The best men I’ve known have been cowmen. There’s a code they live by—it’s their way of life. It starts with an abiding reverence for the Good Lord.  They’re taught to honor and respect their parents and to share both blanket and bread. 
Their words are their bond, a handshake their contract. They’re good stewards of His creation, the land. They believe the words in His Book. Learn from these men—from their stories of triumph over tragedy—victory over adversity, for the wisdom of others blows where it wishes—like a Louisiana Wind.” 
Randy Willis
These are the stories of such men….

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Randy Willis is an American novelist, biographer, rancher, and music publisher. 

Randy Willis is the author of Destiny, Carolinas Wind, Twice a Slave, Three Winds Blowing, Louisiana Wind,  Beckoning Candle, The Apostle to the Opelousas, The Story of Joseph Willis, and many magazine and newspaper articles. 

Randy Willis...novels about adventure, family, faith, and the character of men and women that touched generations.

I've learned much from seeing the world through the eyes of my grandchildren, for you know, it is written, "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." ~ Randy Willis

randy willis

randy willis

randy willis

randy willis

Josh Willis, Adam Willis, Randy Willis & Aaron Willis

randy willis

Randy and Josh Willis

randy willis

Lineage & Family | Randy Willis

14 Generations - 440 Years...

1575 - Nathaniel Willis (Chettle, Dorsetshire)
1606 - John Willis (London, England)
1643 - Benjamin Willis, Sr. (Plymouth Colony)...

1690 - Benjamin Willis, Jr. (Plymouth Colony)
1727 - Agerton Willis (Bridgewater, MA)
1758 - Joseph Willis (Bladen County, NC) Our Story Begins Here...
1785 - Agerton Willis (Bladen County, NC)
1817 - Daniel Hubbard Willis, Sr. (Bayou Boeuf, LA)
1839 - Daniel Hubbard Willis, Jr. (Sugartown, LA)
1886 - Randall Lee Willis (Forest Hill, LA)
Julian Everette Willis (Longleaf, LA)
Randall "Randy" Lee Willis (Oakdale, LA)
Aaron, Joshua, & Adam Willis (Austin, TX)
Baylee, Presley, Corbin, & Olivia Willis (Austin, TX)

Joseph Willis |Wife Rachel Bradford Willis

Joseph Willis (1758-1854) was born a Cherokee slave in Bladen County, North Carolina. He preached the first Gospel sermon by an Evangelical west of the Mississippi River. His life is a story of triumph over tragedy and victory over adversity!He was born into slavery. His mother was Cherokee and his father a wealthy English plantation owner. His family took him to court to deprive him of his inheritance (which would have made him the wealthiest plantation owner in all of Bladen County, North Carolina in 1776). He fought as a Patriot in the Revolutionary War under the most colorful of all the American generals, Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox. His first wife died in childbirth, and his second wife died only six years later, leaving him with five small children. He crossed the mighty Mississippi River at Natchez at the peril of his own life, riding a mule! He entered hostile Spanish-controlled Louisiana Territory, when the dreaded Code Noir (Black Code) was in effect. It forbade any Protestant ministers who came into the territory from preaching. His life was threatened because of the message he brought to Spanish-controlled Louisiana! His own denomination refused to ordain him because of his race. After overcoming insurmountable obstacles, he blazed a trail for others for another half-century that changed American history. His accomplishments are still felt today.

photo Joseph Willis's youngest son Aimuewell Willis. No photo exist of Joseph Willis.




Agerton Willis | Wife Sophie Story

He was the eldest child of Joseph Willis and Rachel Bradford Willis. He was born in Bladen County, North Carolina circa 1785.  He was a neighbor to Jim Bowie’s brother, Rezin Bowie, for four years (1824-1827) in the village of Bayou Boeuf. The name changed to Holmesville in 1834 and is located today near present-day Eola. It was also at Holmesville, on Bayou Boeuf, that the brutal plantation owner Edwin Epps enslaved (1845-1853) Solomon Northup for the last eight years of his twelve years as a slave. Agerton married Sophie Story, an Irish orphan brought from Tennessee by a Mr. Park, who lived near Holmesville.

photo Joseph Willis's youngest son Aimuewell Willis. No photo exist of Agerton Willis.




Daniel hubbard willis sr

Daniel Hubbard Willis Sr. | Wife Anna Slaughter

(December 28, 1817 - March  27, 1887) Married Anna  Slaughter (May 29, 1820 - March  24, 1876).  He established many churches and was blind the last 22 years of his life. He was the first of Joseph Willis's descendant to follow him into the ministry. He was the eldest son of Agerton Willis and the eldest grandson of Joseph Willis. He was born in the village of Bayou Boeuf and was a neighbor of Jim Bowie’s brother Rezin for four years. The name changed to Holmesville in 1834. It was here that Rezin lived between 1824-1827. It was also here later that the plantation owner Edwin Epps enslaved (1845-1853) Solomon Northup for the last eight years of his twelve years as a slave before being freed.  


Daniel Hubbard Willis Jr

Daniel Hubbard Willis Jr. | Wife Julia Ann Graham

(April 2, 1839 and died  May 22, 1900)

He was raised on Barber Creek near Longleaf, Louisiana. He married Julia Ann Graham on January 5, 1867. He was the first of four Willis’ brothers to marry four of Robert and Ruth Graham's daughters. He fought under General Randall Lee Gibson in the Civil War in many of the great battles including Shiloh, Bull Run, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Missionary Ridge and Chickamauga. He named his youngest son, Randall Lee Willis, after General Gibson.  He was a rancher and Rapides Parish Constable.


randall lee willis

Randall Lee Willis | Wife Lillie Gertrude Hanks

(March 20, 1886 - May 14, 1940).  Married Lillie Gertrude Hanks on January 11, 1914. Buried at the Graham Cemetery in Forest Hill, Louisiana. Named after his father's commanding General in the Civil War, Randall Lee Gibson. He was a farmer and logger.


Julian Willis

Julian "Jake" Everette Willis | Wife Ruth Lawson

(October 5, 1919 -June 13, 1995).  Married Ruth Lawson Willis (b. April 25, 1913 - October 13, 1994), on June 26, 1948, in Longleaf, Louisiana. Both are buried at Butter Cemetery near Forest Hill, Louisiana. Fought in W.W.II., in the U.S. Army Air Forces (Also affectionately referred to as the Army Air Corps).


randy willis

Randall "Randy" Lee Willis | author

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Aaron Joseph, Joshua Randall, & Adam Lee Willis (sons)


Baylee Coatney, Corbin Randall, Presley Rose, and Olivia Grace Willis (grandchildren)




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